Free Ebook! No Strings (Or Pages) Attached

Light Bringer, my fourth novel will be released this spring. To make way room for my new book, Second Wind Publishing is clearing out the ebook inventory of my previous three novels by giving away a free copy to everyone who leaves a comment on this blog post. That’s a joke, sort of — there is no such thing as ebook inventory clearance. Since ebooks exist only in the infinite reaches of cyber space, there is no inventory to clear. What is not a joke is that Second Wind is giving away free ebooks — that part is true.

All you have to do to receive a free ebook is to leave a comment mentioning which of my books you want to read. (Descriptions of  all three are listed on the right sidebar.) We will send you a coupon code to use at where you can download your free book in whatever format you choose.

So, which book do you want to read? More Deaths Than One?  A Spark of Heavenly Fire? Daughter Am I? Now’s your chance!

This offer expires on February 15, 2011.